Our Family

Noora, mom

  • I love silence of nature
  • I love all kinds of sports (biking, running, skiing, down hill skiing , skating, volleyball and beach volley, )
  • I love going to sauna and chill out in our patio
  • I love getting to know new people all aroud the world
  • I like gardening
  • I love to motivate people to change their lives better and follow their dreams
  • I love being mum although it is the hardest job ever in the whole wide world

Ari, dad

  • Loves Formula 1. Ferrari and of course Finnish drivers Kimi and Valtteri are his favourite.
  • Is excellent chef and comes up with new recipes. Uses our grill 8 months a year to make tasty food for the family.
  • Is good pianist and can do some magic tricks too
  • Likes to do different sports (biking, skiing, floorball, soccer)
  • Can do different household tasks such as build a new patio
  • loves to be a host for the neighbors when we gather to have a dinner 

Minni, daughter

  • Is amazing little girl
  • Is full of enery all day long
  • Knows what she wants
  • Is social and kind
  • Likes to play with dolls and loves drawing

Mauri, son

  • Is full of energy after he has slowly woken up  
  • Is multi talent is sports, cooking and household jobs
  • Is sensitive and big-hearted
  • Is Loud. The whole neighborhood can hear when he is unsatisfied