Let the true Finland conquer your heart.


Let the true Finland conquer your heart.

With Your Local Host, you’ll have the opportunity to participate to the genuine Finnish lifestyle, in the most beautiful Lakeland of Finland.

You’ll be welcomed with warmth to a real Finnish home. You’ll get to see the true nature of this famously introverted people – actually the Finns are warm by heart, open and sincere. When one gets an invitation to a Finnish home, you can be sure to meet the Finns as they really are.

With your host, you’ll experience the unique relationship the Finns have with nature. You’ll also prepare traditional Finnish food with the sense of real Finnish hospitality.

Of course, no Finnish experience is complete without bathing in the famous sauna – after you’ve tried it, you’ll know, why this country of 5,3 million inhabitants has more than two million saunas! These are the moments you can cherish for a lifetime.

Your Local Host – a real Finn with a big heart.



Take some time out for yourself and experience a Finnish home sauna as our guest.

HOme visit

Have you always wanted to visit a Finnish family in their private home? Now it’s possible! Feel at home, away from home.


Experience the original Finnish traditions and habits safely and unforgettably!

OUr services

home visit

Experience Finnish everyday life with Your Local Host and learn about Finland: its nature,
the intriguing Nordic culture and the food! You are welcome to come and visit our home in the heart of Finnish Lakeland!

sauna experience

Perhaps the best way to feel what it’s like to be Finnish is to sit in the peace and quiet of a low-lit sauna. Works every time! Why wouldn’t you want to try it?

be like a finn

Imagine a warm, sunny day at the peaceful lake. While you’re experiencing the authentic Finnish lifestyle, you may also enjoy the day by cooling off at the refreshing water.
Feel like a Finn? Be like a Finn.

What Our Customers say

I expected preparation of food together, doing some other activities and just having fun. Experience met and even went above my expectations because we had great time at wonderful place.

Aleksandr Dzharatov

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